Frederick Amos Denison

Frederick Amos Denison ["FAD"] was born on 10th November 1845 in Yeadon, Guiseley, the son of elderly parents [for those days] Joseph Denison [then aged almost 40] and Elizabeth, née Myers [then aged 39] who had married in St Oswald's Church, Guiseley on 26th March 1843 where the parents of the "Bronte Sisters" were married and where many generations of "Denisons" had also been married.

No contemporary or personal family recollections about "FAD" from letters or diaries have yet [in 2018] been found.

From official records [thanks to Nic Wilson of WharfeGen] "FAD" was the younger son with his older brother [Benjamin] having been born in June 1843 and christened on 9th July 1843 just three months after his parents' marriage.

31st July 1869 "FAD" marries Sarah Kitson [born in September1848] at St Oswald's Church, Guiseley being the Church of England church where Sarah's father and grandfather had also married. Sarah had given birth to a son two years earlier who was registered just as "Benjamin Kitson". The 1861 Census has her recorded as being a House Servant aged twelve. Sarah's first son, later known as Benjamin Kitson Denison, is shown by the Census records in 1871 and 1881 as being at his Denison Grandparents' address whose own "swift" marriage may account for their generous spirit in helping Sarah. "FAD" does not appear to have housed/recognised Sarah's first child but went on to produce eleven more healthy children with Sarah.

By 1886, Sarah's first child [Benjamin Kitson] is in Australia. How he was financed and whether he was despatched as a "birth embarrassment" will possibly never now be known. He was not a criminal as this was kindly checked in 2018 by Dr Philip Spradbery PhD - a resident Australian cousin of David Denison, grandson of Benjamin Kitson. By 1891 when he returned to Yorkshire, England via San Francisco, USA [and was in the Census of that year at his "Uncle" Benjamin's address in Yeadon] to be married he was already registered as a "Foreman" whilst "FAD" was still a machine hand. This "get-up-and-go" spirit from his world travels was already pointing the direction of Benjamin Kitson Denison's future successes. Thirty-one years after his marriage and at the early age of only 56 he died leaving an estate valued [in 2017 values] of almost one million British pounds sterling.

Whatever effects this success of his wife's first son had on "FAD", he 'upped sticks' and moved to the USA in that same year of 1891 never to return.

1892: Sarah Denison follows to USA with eight children aged 18 to 4 years leaving behind three older children that she never sees again. It may be significant that the children who travelled were all under the age of 21 which had been the upper limit for children to be indentured in the USA, a practice only finally ending in 1917. By this method families would have their sea voyage fares paid by a US employer in return for a fix period of employment. The US Census shows that even nine years later the family is still living together and employed in the same/similar trades as they brought with them from the woollen industry of Yorkshire. source: US Census 1900

The children with her being:
1874 Birth of Jane Denison @ Baildon, Otley, Yorkshire
1876 Birth of Joseph Denison @ Baildon, Otley, Yorkshire
1877 Birth of Emma Denison @ Guiseley, Yorkshire
1879 Birth of Albert Denison @ Guiseley, Yorkshire
1881 Birth of John William Denison @ Guiseley, Yorkshire
1883 Birth of Hartley Denison @ Guiseley, Yorkshire
1885 Birth of Alice Denison @ Guiseley, Yorkshire
1888 Birth of Clara Denison @ Guiseley, Yorkshire her exhausted Mother then aged 40!

1900 The whole family above [including the 24 year-old son, Joseph] are still living at 3507 Alleghorny Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and shown as:
Jane: Warp Dresser, Joseph: Warp Dresser, Emma: Warp Dresser Albert: Plush Weaver John: Carpet Warp Dresser, Hartley: Carpet Warp Dresser Alice: [aged 13] Plush Weaver Clara: Scholar
source: US Census 1900

1910 Frederick Amos shown as "farmer" at Upper Necks Township, Salem County, New Jersey
1920 Shown boarding at house of Mr George W. Murgatroyd, Bridgeport City, Fairfield County, Connecticut
source: US Census 1900

26th March 1928 Death in Philadelphia
29th March 1928 Buried at Mount Peace Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
source: Pennsylvania and New Jersey Church and Town Records (1669-2013) [Historical Society of Pennsylvania - ancestry.com]

Amos Allan Denison was 30 years old when his grandfather died but seems not to have had any memories/stories of any communication with his grandfather/uncles & aunts in Philadelphia. Even [according to his son, David] when AAD made a business trip to Philadelphia in the 1950/60' there was no mention of any family connections.

Any further reliable information [with sources] about the persons above [or their descendants] will be much appreciated by the family building this memorial not-for-profit website dedicated to Amos Allan Denison [1897-1977] who was a British grandson of Frederick Amos Denison.

contact: info@amos-denison.life

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